Software Technology

It’s flexible, integrated and customize software that specially designed to meet the futuristic requirement of Document Management, Variable Printing and Packing environment. It’s generic Solutions that can automatically adapt itself into advance environment. Through this software we can monitor the whole process from Data Uploading to Deliveries of shipment.

Following are the Key Advantages of our Software Solutions

  • Personalized template designing
  • Implementation of OMR & Barcode for Automated stuffing and scanning
  • File processing for simplex & duplex printing and tray switching
  • Output generation in postscript & adobe PDF
  • Implementation of graphics and charts
  • Printing & packing status updates
  • Scanning through 3D barcode
  • Shipment dispatching detail
  • Performance reports (printing, packing & dispatching)
  • Relevant MIS reports
  • Printing Status
  • Packing Status (Scanned through 3D barcode like Scanned, Duplicate, Remaining bills on Different Stages)
  • Bills Dispatch (Before Dispatch, After Dispatch, Remaining Dispatch Etc)
  • Performance Reports (Printing, Packing, Dispatching performance)
  • Flexible, integrated and customized software is especially designed to meet the requirements of the printing, packaging and dispatching environment. It is a generic Solutions that can automatically adapt itself into new environment. Through this software you can monitor your process from data uploading, scanning & printing to packaging and dispatching.
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